Goldco Review

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Goldco Review

Goldco offers customers and investors a wide range of services including Gold IRAs, gold and silver coins, bullion bars, precious metals, secure vaulting and storage, and direct home delivery. The goal of the company is to protect the wealth of its customers. This is accomplished by hedging and diversifying their assets. Goldco has long been established as a leader in Gold IRAs. The company is now a specialist providing full services. It’s easy to rollover your current plan or open a new Gold IRA. 

The firm also handles transfers, makes the arrangements for extremely secure vault storage, provides custodian services, and delivers high-quality investment-grade platinum, palladium, silver, and gold directly to your account. 

If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable precious metal broker, Goldco is an excellent option. If you are making a personal investment, you can have your investment delivered to your door. 

Goldco Review

If you are purchasing precious metals, delivery is provided directly to the storage facility where your purchase remains safe in a vault. Goldco even enables you to select the facility of your choice. 

You have access to more than 60 highly experienced and well-trained brokers and Precious Metals Specialists.that will provide you with several options for your investment plans, saving for your retirement, and your portfolio. 

This full-service company is based out of Woodland Hills, California. Trevor Gerszt founded Goldco in 2006. The focus of the company is rolling over and setting up precious metal IRAs. 

Goldco started offering cryptocurrencies in 2017 through the launch of This Goldco subsidiary is available to help you with a crypto account. You can contact Goldco by phone email or at  

The firm will work with the custodian of your self-directed IRA. The prioritized firms are Equity Institutional and Self-Directed IRA Services Incorporated. The majority of investors, and dealers prefer these custodians due to their sterling reputation. 

Goldco will spend the time necessary to discuss your unique objectives and goals for your retirement o investments. You will receive a wide variety of information on creating a balanced portfolio beneficial for your individual needs. You will receive direct delivery of your precious metal whether your purchase is for a 401k rollover, a Gold IRA, or a personal investment. If you are interested in establishing or receiving information about investing, you should consider Goldco. 

Goldco Gold IRA Rollover

We recommend this precious metal specialist to protect your retirement account for the future. Goldco has the experience required to provide you with all of the information you need and offers the associated services. 

Is Investing in Gold the Best Decision For You?

In the past, the United States dollar was backed by gold due to the security of this precious metal. Even though this is no longer done, gold is still extremely important in modern society. 

Gold plays an important part in the global economy. A good example of this is in the balance sheets kept by financial institutions including central banks. This includes the International Monetary Fund.

Approximately one-fifth of the gold already extracted from the ground is held by these organizations. Gold is consistently added to the reserves of many central banks due to concerns regarding the global economy of the future. 

There are many reasons gold is important for investors. For thousands of generations, this metal has been important to preserve wealth. Unfortunately, the same is not true of paper currency. 

A good example is the price during the early 1970s. At this time, gold sold for $35.70 per ounce. If you had an option to hold $35 or purchase one ounce at this time, gold was by far the better choice. Both would have enabled you to purchase the exact same things such as a well-tailored business suit. If you sold one ounce today, you could still the purchasing power to buy a modern version of the same suit with some leftover.  

Investing with Goldco

If you only had $35, you would not have enough money to cover the expense. This means if you kept the money, a substantial amount of wealth would have been lost. This is because the value has increased since then. 

Inflation has resulted in the erosion of the value of paper currency. When you consider the challenge of the current economic environment, gold is an excellent option to preserve your wealth. 

Investors must account for the decline of the United States dollar and an increase in inflation. If you look at history, this valuable asset has been successfully used as a hedge for inflation due to the appreciation of this commodity. 

As inflation rises, gold generally increases in value. Once an investor realizes the value of their money is decreasing, they start to invest in proven hard assets generally maintaining value over time. 

Every investor wants to find the best possible way to protect their wealth and many turn to the security and history of tangible assets. When the United States dollar begins to decline, the reasons are obvious why investing in gold is so beneficial.  

The global price of gold is based on the decline of the dollar. This occurs for two key reasons. The first is because investors interested in purchasing gold including central banks can only make the transaction by selling paper currency. This decreases the value of the United States dollar because investors are interested in using the dollar for diversification. The other important concept is once the dollar weakens, the price of gold is cheaper for any investor with another currency. 

The result is an increase in demand for precious metals from investors due to the depreciation of paper currency. We also consider the metal a safe haven type investment. Unfortunately, economic and political uncertainty is a part of the current economy. 

Whether there are tensions in Africa, the Middle East, or anywhere else in the world, gold has become a safe haven for investors. Throughout history, there have always been circumstances requiring investors to protect and shield their wealth. 

This includes the collapse of numerous currencies, political coups, and the collapse of empires. Not only did gold enable investors to protect their wealth, but they often used it to escape from turbulent situations. The current state of the economy is signaling a weaker dollar is imminent this means you can purchase gold as a safe haven for an uncertain global economy. If you watch the news, you already know some of these signs are already in place. This makes this asset an excellent investment to diversify your portfolio and secure your investments. 

Investing in gold has set historic precedence for a diversified portfolio. It makes no difference whether you are concerned about protecting your wealth, the decline of the United States dollar or inflation makes this asset a solid choice. 

Goldco IRA Rollover

If you are interested in diversification, gold is unrelated to real estate or stocks and bonds. If you are a growth investor, you are most likely considering gold stocks. They usually increase or decline according to the price of gold but there is nothing safer than owning a physical asset. 

A diversified portfolio can include both stocks and physical precious metals. If you do your research, you can find specific mining companies making a profit even when the price of gold is lower. 

Eventually, any price decrease will rebound. This means even a tiny increase in price can result in a significant profit in owners of both physical and stocks. Owning gold is a good opportunity to increase your return on investment or ROI.

As an investor, you will appreciate not only the monetary advantages of owning the metal but the physical beauty of this asset. Another important consideration is the IRS. The IRS has relaxed regulations regarding allowable assets. You can now take advantage of income tax deductions simply by purchasing precious metals equal to the same value. A good example is investors in the 35 percent income tax bracket. 

If these investors purchase gold, the tax advantage is the same as if we gave you three and one-half ounces of gold for every 10 ounces you purchased. Think about the history of both silver and gold to protect wealth when there was a crisis. 

The IRS is essentially offering another benefit for diversification. You can purchase precious metals through Goldco at a time when you may need security and protection more than ever. 

Our recommendation is to start by contacting Goldco to receive several useful guides showing what silver and gold are capable of during a recession. When the next recession occurs, you will already be an important step ahead. 


Retirement Plan Diversification

Diversifying your retirement portfolio includes implementing a good precious metal strategy and the stock market. 

Goldco has the experience and skill to help you open a self-directed IRA enabling you to qualify for special tax breaks simply by purchasing certain bullion products. You can take advantage of these breaks while protecting your retirement. 

Precious Metals Rollover

Goldco has already helped a lot of investors understand the tax breaks available and provided them with the bullion necessary to qualify. The most important aspect of diversification is to protect your wealth for future generations. 

IRS relaxations are already in place for allowable assets. This means you can purchase a precious metal with good tax advantages. The specific benefits are dependent on your income tax bracket. 

The professionals at Goldco fully understand IRS restrictions on all Precious Metals IRAs. They can help you get every tax advantage you qualify to receive. The team is happy to answer all of your questions with accurate and knowledgeable answers. 

Throughout the course of history, investors have relied on silver and gold to protect their wealth. Goldco offers a wide selection of precious metals including coins, bars, and bullion so you can protect your wealth. 

Goldco’s professional team will provide you with guides to explain the importance of owning physical silver and gold before the next recession begins and help you hedge your investments if the stock market crashes and your portfolio is filled with stocks and bonds, so you don’t have to postpone your retirement plans. 

Goldco understands the importance of purchasing precious metal for diversification. The protection you receive from inflation and stock market vitality is essential for your future.  

The firm will discuss different strategies to protect your wealth including investing in silver and gold coins, bullion, platinum, palladium, and collectible coins. You will know what is acceptable for a Gold IRA and what is not IRS-approved. 

Unfortunately, some precious metal firms have been engaged in legal battles during the last few years resulting in lawsuits. Even well-established firms have gone under due to scams and unethical business practices. 

There are reasons Goldco is not among them. The company is trustworthy and transparent. This is reflected in the many positive customer reviews. The focus of Goldco is to help you protect your wealth, your retirement, and 401K investments. 

Precious metals are different than many assets including paper currency, stocks, and bonds. This is because the value of gold has maintained as the centuries have passed, it enables you to pass your wealth to your loved ones, and future generations. 

Gold Bullion

This asset has always been highly valued due to its unique qualities. Gold will not melt over an average flame and does not corrode. The atoms are heavier with faster-moving electrons. This was proven with the theory of relativity. 

 Yes, the United States dollar is among the most essential reserve currencies across the globe. Our issue is the value of the United States dollar has dropped including from 1998 until 2008. This alone is a good reason to invest in precious metal. 

When the value of the dollar decreases, the price of gold generally goes up. From 1998 through 2008, the cost has almost tripled. Towards the beginning of 2008, one ounce of gold sold for $1,000. From 2008 through 2012, the value almost doubled. When the United States dollar declined, the result was a substantial trade and budget deficit. Investors with a diversified portfolio containing approved metals were protected from this recession. 

History has shown gold is an essential hedge against inflation. This is because the value generally increases with the cost of living. For more than 50 years, the prices predictably increased when the stock market plunged. This has occurred during years of high inflation. The reason is when paper currency loses value due to inflation., the currency unit of gold increases along with everything else. A diversified portfolio provides you with protection. 

Goldco encourages you to purchase precious metal due to trends of currency eventually decreasing in value with stock market fluctuations. The consistently rising prices throughout history have been responsible for both security and popularity.  

Protection from inflation is essential for every investor. When the cost of living increases, the economy is ridden with excessive debt, and business activity declines. This has been recorded since the 1930’s Great Depression. 

In some areas of the world, a small amount of deflation could be seen after the financial crisis of 2008. During the Great Depression, gold had an amazing purchasing power as prices increased rapidly, and paper currency plummeted. 

The reason is simple. Massive numbers of people were hoarding cash. The safest way to establish security was by purchasing either physical or gold coins. 

In addition to retaining value during financial uncertainty, gold also maintains value during geopolitical uncertainty. We have often heard gold referred to as a crisis commodity because it outperforms other assets during global tensions.  

Gold IRA Investment Advisors

Gold experienced substantial movements in price due to the European Union crisis. When government confidence dropped, the price usually increased. This is yet another reason Goldco recommends diversification. 

In the past, emerging market economies have increased their wealth. This resulted in an increased demand for precious metals including gold. Numerous countries have intertwined gold into their cultures. 

A good example is China. The traditional means used to save money is gold bars. This has resulted in consistent demand for gold. The second-largest nation in the world consuming this resource is currently India. There is also great value as it is used for many purposes including jewelry. 

Since October is the traditional wedding season in India, the demand for gold rises at this time every year. Countries all over the world demand it for a variety of reasons and have for many centuries. 

The demand for this tangible asset is consistently increasing among investors. Many purchase these metals as a commodity which they believe is the most important investment class. Investors also commonly use precious metals to diversify their retirement portfolios. 

Goldco understands the need for diversification for a variety of reasons. This is why the goals, uniqueness, and retirement of every investor are among its primary concerns. We have no doubt Goldco is the best company to help you diversify.

Ease of Process For Converting into Gold and Silver

Goldco has gone to great lengths to make certain converting silver and gold is a simple and easy process. The firm assists you during every step and is available to answer any questions you may have. All you need to do is follow the steps below. 

The first step is making contact with Goldco. The company offers you several options including calling them direct at (877) 421-1239, sending an email, or visiting the official website at 

Talk to one of the experienced Precious Metals Specialists. Your initial conversation will be short. The firm will determine if you are interested in a Gold IRA or purchasing metals assets as an investment and if their services are right for your needs. 

In most cases, precious metals are an excellent option for either investment or retirement. 

If you decide to proceed, a telephone appointment will be made with a specialist. All of the information necessary to process will be gathered by your representative. It is important to ask any questions you may have at this time. 

The next step is either opening a new account and initiating the transfer of funds or determining if you already have an appropriate IRA that can be rolled over. If you do, you simply proceed to the next step. 

Goldco Metals

Once your account has been funded, you will speak to your account executive. All of your options will be explained and discussed at this time. You will receive help selecting IRS-approved coins, bullion bars, or other approved precious metal for your account. 

Goldco will recommend the best depositories for your investment. These recommendations have the highest levels of security in addition to safe and secure vaults. If you prefer, you can choose your depository. 

The precious metal you purchased will be delivered directly to your chosen depository and your purchase will be deposited into your new account. If you have purchased in-stock items, delivery generally requires between two and four days. 

If you have purchased non-stock items, you need to allow between two and four weeks for delivery. This is dependent on the rarity of the products. 

Your investment will be held in your Gold IRA until you are ready to make a withdrawal. When this happens, you will be asked to give Goldco the first chance to buy back your precious metal. 

Under normal circumstances, Goldco will offer you a price above the average going rate. If for any reason you do not want to accept their offer, you can sell your asset to the company of your choice.


Helpful and Courteous Precious Metal Specialists

Associates are ready to provide any help you require with your retirement account, rolling over an existing IRA, or investing in precious metal. The standard business hours of operation for Goldco are 

Monday through Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m and Saturday 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. P.S.T.

You can also complete and submit the online contact form, call (877) 589-1223, or visit 

The company email address is

Precious metals are purchased by the Goldco account broker on your behalf. 

Goldco Specialists are ready to present options for your personal needs. 

The company handles all depository shipping to simplify the process and ensure your new assets are stored safely. 

Investing in Gold

Goldco offers you a good buy-back program when the time is right to sell your precious metal. 

The company offers all the assistance you will need to roll your current 401k or Individual Retirement Account into a new Silver or Gold IRA. 

The minimum required to open your Silver or Gold IRA is $25,000. You are not able to fund your new account using silver or gold already in your possession. 

Even after you have opened and funded your account, your account executive is always available to answer any questions you may have, help you add a new asset to your account, or make a personal purchase with home delivery directly to you. 

Goldco has a free investors kit available filled with important information for precious metals investors. 

The focus of the firm is customer service and education. The website features a section created to help you with the process of completing paperwork for a Gold IRA. 

The Volatility of the Stock Market and the Printing Money Economy

 Volatility in a commodity is monitored as to the statistical measure of the return dispersion for the market index or securities. Generally speaking, the security is riskier when volatility is high. 

When the rise or fall of the stock market is above one percent for a lengthy period, it is referred to as a volatile market. 

If you have only included stocks and bonds in your portfolio, you are risking the loss of your retirement savings in the event of a recession or stock market crash. 

The federal government can create paper currency to increase the supply. The supply can also be decreased by selling securities on the government balance sheet or increasing interest rates. Both can harm the economy. 

Physical Gold

One of the best sources of protection from inflation is precious metals. The value of paper currency consistently fluctuates. We recommend this type of secure investment with Goldco due to the increase in value over time. 

Stocks and bonds have been rendered almost completely worthless during several serious economic issues such as a recession. When this happens the price of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium usually increases. 

If you only have one type of asset in your portfolio, you are taking an extreme risk. Silver and gold are effective hedges to help ensure your survival until the economy of the United States improves. 

As the government continues to print money, having your current Individual Retirement Account rolled over or establishing a Gold or Silver Individual Retirement Account is the best way to protect your assets from inflation, currency devaluation, stock market volatility, crashes, and the instability of the economy. 

If you have been searching for a trustworthy and reliable rare metals firm, we believe the solution is GoldCo. The firm has a team of 60 Precious Metals Specialists available to help you with your investment goals and portfolio.  

IRA and 401k Rollover Into Precious Metals

If you currently have a traditional Individual Retirement Account, 401k, or something similar, Goldco will make certain your account qualifies. The process of opening a Gold IRA or rolling over your current Individual Retirement Account is simple. 

Goldco knows which retirement accounts are eligible for a Silver or Gold IRA and they are ready to guide you in your investment strategy. To include physical rare metals, coins, and bars, you must have a self-directed Individual Retirement Account. 

To avoid any potential disruption, your funds must be moved to an appropriate account according to a specific process. Goldco ensures the process is completed correctly to eliminate any tax penalties or taxable events. 

Goldco has successfully completed many Gold IRA transfers, rollovers and established new Silver and Gold IRAs since the founding of the company. The team understands even the smallest details of the procedure and has mastered the process. 

Goldco will work with your current custodian or trustee to establish your new Individual Retirement Account account. The speed at which your funds are transferred between accounts or rolled over is impressive and faster than the majority of companies in the industry. 

Despite the complexity of the IRS regulations governing Precious Metals IRAs, Goldco makes the process simple and provides you with all the help you need every step of the way. 

Opening a new Precious Metals IRA requires more work than just a simple transfer or rollover of your existing account. Despite this, Goldco is well qualified to help you, and the fees are exactly the same. Your account set up is just $260 including the transfer wire fee, vaulting, and maintenance for the first year. 

Reputation and Credentials of Goldco

Due to the efficient and fast services available and the focus on customer care and satisfaction, the reviews for Goldco for rating aggregators and major review sites are extremely positive. 

The majority of Goldco IRA reviews are available online and consist of Individual Retirement Account and non-IRA customers, investors and coin collectors. Some of these reviews discuss promotions including the Individual Retirement Account Loophole Guide and American Silver and Gold Eagle Proofs availability. 

Goldco Precious Metals

As of the time this article was written, the reviews for Goldco include all of the following:

  • The better Business Bureau is the highest available at A+
  • The Business Consumer Alliance is the highest rating at AAA
  • There are 243 reviews on Trustlink with the highest average rating available of five stars
  • There are 206 reviews on Consumer Affairs with the highest average rating of five stars
  • There are 484 reviews on TrustPilot with the highest average rating of five stars
  • has Goldco registered as a member
  • Ron Paul is a former Presidential nominee and endorses Goldco.

Goldco requests a rating from all customers to help ensure future investors can make an educated decision regarding selecting Goldco for either investments or a Silver or Gold IRA.

Pros And Cons

  • The focus of Goldco is providing an education for potential customers. The company takes the time to understand the goals and needs of every customer first.
  • Goldco offers a complete collection of precious silver coins with Individual Retirement Account approval. This includes Silver Vienna Philharmonics, Mexican Libertad, and Silver Britannias.
  • Goldco has more than 15 years of experience and has made a firm commitment to customer satisfaction and education.
  • Goldco received a rating of A+ from the BBB. 
  • The firm has an excellent buy-back program available.  
  • A minimum of $25,000 is required to open a Goldco Silver or Gold IRA.

Goldco is a reputable firm with very high ratings. According to a wide range of customer reviews, the firm treats its customers well. Goldco offers you reasonable pricing, low fees, an excellent buyback program, and secure vault storage options. 

The investor kit is exceptional and easily available through the Goldco website. All you have to do is place a request. You can call the firm by phone, receive information, and ask questions.

Investor Guide

Goldco recommends diversifying your retirement portfolio to protect you against an unstable economy, stock market crash, recession, and inflation due to the consistent price increases for all rare metals including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. 

Specific events can result in a decrease in the value of certain investments including stocks and bonds. Gold is an excellent hedge against the devaluation of many major currencies in addition to inflation.  

We recommend considering diversifying your portfolio with physical precious metals purchase through Goldco.